Relámpago: means lightning in Spanish. We feel that flavors should come down from the clouds like lightning bolts on to your palate. Just kidding, it's our dog's nickname,  because of his phenomenal foot speed. We just love dogs, and sometimes get carried away.

We're in this because we love coffee and sharing coffee. We enjoy seeing people in our shop spending time with loved ones and friends, having great conversations, and getting work done while sipping on our coffees and teas.   

We appreciate the seasonality of coffee and enjoy bringing new coffees in all the time. It allows us to experiment with roast profiles and learn how to roast new coffees, and allows us to share this with fellow coffee-lovers. Because harvest schedules are pretty staggered across the globe, new, exciting, current-crop offerings show up at different times of the year–which means there's always something great coming in.

We hope you love our coffee as much as we enjoy roasting, preparing, and sharing it. Our deepest appreciation goes out to you for allowing us to do what we enjoy.